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| Vol.11
The Reality of Specialized Media: Locally and Globally , Vol.11 , Special Issue (Forty-seventh) about: Media and Mass Communication

Associate Prof. Dr. Elsayed Abdelrahman Ali Abdelrahman*-Associate Prof. of Public Relations,Integrated Marketing Communications Department,Faculty of Media and Communication Technology ,Suez University

This research aimed to identify the reality of specialized media: locally and globally. The research is considered descriptive research, relied on the survey method, and reached a number of general results, which can be reviewed as follows:
- The Renaissance came to represent the first emergence of specialized media, and the magazine (Scientists), published in France in 1665, can be considered the first specialized scientific magazine.
- The press's interest in specialized content increased during the sixth and seventh decades of the twentieth century, and this interest preceded the audio-visual broadcasting's interest.
- There are many fields of specialized media, there are economic, political, religious, social, environmental, tourism, agricultural, sports, scientific media… etc.
- The specialized media performs many important functions for the individual and society, including: information or news, education, persuasion, entertainment, advertising, cultural promotion, and the formation of public opinion.
- There are many challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of the specialized media’s practice of its roles and functions, such as: lack of material and human capabilities, dependence of many people on the Internet and social networks, lack of a developed economy, and lack of education in its various disciplines.

Key Words:
Specialized Media, Local Media, Global Media.

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