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| Vol.11
The Role of The Artificial Intelligence Applications on Influencing the Purchasing Decisions: A Field Study on a Sample of Electronic Shoppers , Vol.11 , Special Issue (Forty-seventh) about: Media and Mass Communication

Dr. Doaa Mohamed Fawzy-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Arts,Minia University

With the spread of Artificial Intelligence applications across various domains, particularly in the realm of e-commerce, the main point of the current study focuses on understanding the role of Artificial Intelligence applications in influencing purchasing decisions. This is achieved by applying the study to a purposive sample consisting of 400 online shoppers with the utilization of an electronic survey tool. The study aims to explore the extent of shoppers' awareness of Artificial Intelligence applications, their usage of these applications during shopping, and to determine the impact of their usage on purchasing decisions. This impact is measured through stages such as problem recognition, needs recognition, information search about the product, evaluation of available alternatives, purchase decision-making, and post-purchase behavior. Additionally, the study examines the advantages and disadvantages of these applications based on the shoppers' real-life usage experiences. It also captures their suggestions for optimizing the effective use of these applications in online shopping channels. The study results demonstrate a statistically significant positive correlation between the use of Artificial Intelligence applications and the purchasing decision-making process. The more shoppers employ Artificial Intelligence applications, the more pronounced their purchasing decisions become. Moreover, the study reveals the influence of using these applications on all stages of the purchasing decision-making process, with statistically significant positive correlations found in all stages. Furthermore, the study identifies the prominent Artificial Intelligence applications employed by the e-shoppers sample. The top-ranking applications respectively include; intelligent visual search, smart voice search, Chatbot application, suggested product listing, pre-purchase product experience technology and finally both of 360-degree imaging and electronic clothing measurement.

Key Words:
Artificial Intelligence Applications, Purchasing Decision, E- Shoppers, e-Channel Shopping.

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