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| Vol.11
Trends of International Press Media on Social Networking Sites towards Development Initiatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt: A Comparative Study , Vol.11 , Special Issue (Forty-seventh) about: Media and Mass Communication

Prof. Dr. Rizk Saad Abd EL Moaty-Professor of Media,Public Relations & Advertising Dep.,Faculty of AL Alsun & Mass Communication,Misr International University

All countries of the world are racing to achieve the greatest degree of progress and development in various fields and disciplines, and the media - with its traditional or new means – which is considered one of the tools that these countries focus on in achieving their goal.
The new media – in the whole world, and the Arab region in particular – have directed the spotlight away from the traditional media, and succeeded in delivering health information directly and quickly, and officials in health authorities have tended to pay attention to the dissemination of health services through these media, in order to raise the level of awareness and health education among the Public.
It is known that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt pay great attention to the health sector, and this was evident in the management of the crisis of the spread of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) and seeks to provide all high-quality health services to its citizens.
Accordingly, the "Live Healthy" campaign in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the "Decent Life" initiative in Egypt were chosen as a sample for the study and made them a focus for research, so that the researcher monitors the trends of international press media - on social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter) - towards the aspects of these two initiatives, and how they were addressed through various international press media on these two platforms?
Among the most important results of this study: Facebook and Twitter were keen on the diversity of information sources between official and unofficial sources, which ultimately reflects on journalistic treatment, and contributes to convincing the Public and making a greater impact on them, and the positive treatment of sites and their consistency with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt 2030 prevailed in achieving social solidarity in order to preserve the entity of families and community stability.

Key Words:
International Press Media, Social Networking Sites, Development Initiatives,
"Live Healthy" campaign, "Decent Life" campaign.

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