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| Vol.11
Strategic Digital Content Marketing: The PESO Model in Practice , Vol.11 , Special Issue (Forty-seventh) about: Media and Mass Communication

Dr. Nesrin Nader El-Sherbini-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Mass Communication,October University of Modern Sciences and Arts MSA

The PESO model (Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned Media), by Gini Dietrich, is a media channel framework for digital Public Relations in an age of increasing integration across marketing communications channels and disciplines. The four media types have been converged as a four-media strategy working together. The model is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the organizational digital strategies. This study used quantitative and qualitative content analysis, and in-depth interviews to investigate how the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) used the PESO model as a framework for a successful digital content marketing.

Key Words:
PESO Model, Digital Content Marketing, National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC).

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