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Death miss "Shall" .. Member of the Consultance Committee & head of women's affairs in EPRA

Published_On 29/08/2016

Lost the scientific and academic communities in 29 August, one of the pioneers of the media and scientific stature in the field of social media is Dr. Inscherah Shall professor of media Emeritus, Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University at the age of 78 years .. After a life full of scientific tender managed through the establishment of a scientific school of researchers going down on its approach forever.

Shall - got a doctorate from the University of Paris 2, France, and was a member of the Consultance Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities and head of the Women's Affairs Committee of EPRA and a member of the scientific committee for the Refereed of Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East.

Dr. Hatem Mohammed Atef, Chairman of EPRA, has been mourned in a statement issued by EPRA the deceased and expressed deep sorrow for the loss of one of the most prominent media professors in Arab world .. expressing the loss of the academic community distinguished scientific efficiency.

 God bless dear deceased, and we are to God and to Him we return ..

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