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Current Issue -Twenty Third Issue

Published_On 30/06/2019

Scientific refereed Journal - Supervision by Egyptian Public Relations Association - Seventh year - Twenty Third Issue - April / June 2019

Arab Impact Factor 2018 = 1.48

French Researches:


  • Prof. Dr. Redouane BOUDJEMA - Université d’Alger3

           Dr. Nor El Houda BOUZEGAOU -  Université d’Alger3

La régulation des médias de service public : Système et législations en Algérie                                                                              

English Researches:


  • Associate Prof. Dr. Akhmed Khamis Kaleel - American University in the Emirates

           Associate Prof.Dr. Thouraya Snoussi - University of Sharjah

Impact of Social Media use on Identity: A Case Study                                                                                                                         23

  • Safia Mohammad Saleh - University of Sharjah

 The Impact of Social Media on Newsroom Operations in the UAE                                                                                                     37

Abstracts of Arabic Researches:


  • Associate Prof. Dr. Moustafa Saber Elnemr - Zagazig University

           Dr. Ghada Moustafa Elbatrik - Taif university

Modern Trends in Arab Youth Use Research for Traditional and New Media from January 2009 to December 2018                  55

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Omar Ibrahim Boussada - King Khalid University

The Role of Modern Techniques  in News Production Television A theoretical study                                                                     56

  • Dr. Dalia Moustafa El Sawah - Helwan University

The role of social networking sites in supporting the concept of social accountability of university students: Field study on a sample of Egyptian University students in public and private universities                                                                                                    57

  • Dr. Nasruddin Abdulqader Osman - Ajman University

 The role of the new media in the promotion of rumors and mechanisms to prevent them: Field study on media professors and journalists                                                                                                                                                                                                 59

  • Dr. El-Sayed Abdel-Rahman Ali - Sues University

The Arab Communication Studies in Crises: An Analytical Study (Meta-Analysis)                                                                          60

  • Khadijah Hammad Hamdi Alkabkabi - Umm Al-Qura University

Strategies of Public Relations Agencies in Management of the Crises of Enterprises:Survey study                                             61


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